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NFL Concussion Lawsuit - Have you been hurt in the game?

As you may know, the NFL is being sued in federal court by former players who suffer from concussion-related dementia and brain disease.  This is one of the largest lawsuits brought against any professional sports organization and will include thousands of former players, some including their wives.

You DO NOT need to have been diagnosed with a concussion or repetitive head trauma or have been diagnosed with an injury to become part of the suit. If you believe that you sustained any head impacts at all while an NFL player and currently suffer from any symptom, such as short term memory loss, headaches, anxiety, mood swings, change in personality, depression, and sleep problems, you are eligible to join the lawsuit. The statute of limitations may be running out. If that happens, it will be too late to join the lawsuit. If we are unable to get you a recovery, you don’t owe us anything!

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  • This NFL lawsuit is completely separate and distinct from any workers compensation claims, and players have a right to file both claims.

  • The class action is seeking medical monitoring and associated health benefits for all former players, financial recovery for both short- and long-term injuries, as well as compensation for intangible losses.

  • Players’ wives also qualify for compensation and therefore may also join the suit.

  • There are no costs whatsoever to become involved in any of the lawsuits.

  • You do NOT need to have actually played in a game to be eligible. Even participating in practice is enough.

Our Law Firm wants to speak to former/retired NFL Players interested in joining the lawsuits being brought against the NFL for ignoring the health and safety of the players. We may be able to help you and your family to recover medical expenses, obtain long term care and prevent this from happening to younger players. To begin the process of determining if a free consultation is right for you, contact the law firm directly at 713-952-4445. Ali Mokaram is the lead attorney for concussion-related lawsuits; in case he is not available, please ask for his assistant Amanda.

Our firm represents several former players, everything from multiple Super Bowl champions to players who never played in a single game. We will zealously fight for your rights at NO COST TO YOU, so you have nothing to lose.


NFL Concussion Lawsuit - Sign Up Here


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